How to take photos for your Artist?

Whether you are filling out an enquiry form, want to send us a healed photo, or have been asked for a specific photo from your artist, this guide is aimed at helping you get the right photos for us to work with.

To aid the artist in getting your design to work in the area you have requested, as well as providing usable images for our portfolios and saving you another trip to the studio just to take a photo.

Please refer to the images below and feel free to email us if you have any further questions


Key points

  • Ask someone else to take the photo
  • Ensure the camera/phone perpendicular to the body part to be photographed
  • Allow extra room around the body part within the image
  • The light needs to be reflecting off of the skin with a dark background,
    Not coming from behind the subject.

You can also help us visualise the overall size and placement you have in mind by uploading additional images outlining where you would like the tattoo placed, and how big.

All these extra details help us to serve you better and ensure you are getting what you want, as well as aid us in advising whether or not we think your idea will work in the size and area you are wanting your new tattoo


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