COVID-19 Studio Rules / National Guidelines

  1. Appointment only – do not come to the studio unless previously arranged with an artist.
  2. Face Masks / Coverings must be worn in the studio at all times.
  3. Come to your appointment alone and on time. Contact us if this is an issue.
  4. Look for the hand sanitiser upon entry to the studio and wash your hands when you can.
  5. No food or drink (other than bottled water) to be consumed inside the studio. Please eat well before your tattoo session.
  6. Respect the guidance given during your visit, if you’re unsure about anything please ask! 
  7. Social distancing is in place so please be aware and act accordingly.
  8. Please notify us if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms either 14 days before or after your appointment with us.
  9. DO NOT attend your appointment if you experience any symptoms during the 14 days before your appointment.
  10. Bring any cash you are willing to spend during appointment, thus avoiding needless visits into public/cash points.
  11. Due to social distancing, we may not be able to offer you the tattoo on the body area you’d first like. Please consider that we will not be tattooing chests, necks, faces or heads until advised otherwise by government guidance.
  • If you wish for more information on COVID-19 you can check out the Governments website – or you can consult The World Health Organisations (WHO) advice here
  • Please us our contact page if you want to ask any questions in relation to our COVID-19 guidelines and rules we have set up. Read more about indian slots