The first 24 hours after your tattoo are the most important so we apply a waterproof and breathable film (DERMALIZE) to protect your skin from infection and aid healing


  1. Try to keep the film on for around 36 hours depending on fluid build-up
  2. Remove the film in the shower by spraying warm water behind it as you gently peel away from one corner.
  3. The following 3 days consist of ONLY washing and drying - Still no cream!
  4. Day 4-5 you can start applying your chosen cream/oil 15 minutes after each time you wash your tattoo
  5. Continue to cream as needed for a further 2 weeks. After this time, you may want to move to a natural unscented moisturiser until you are satisfied your tattoo has healed and your skin has returned to normal or is no longer dry and itchy.

AVOID (for the first 14 days)

  • Swimming/Submerging your tattoo in water for any period of time. Try to shower rather than bath.
  • Sunbeds or direct sunlight
  • Picking and scratching any part of your tattoo
  • Gym/sports or Strenuous activity that may cause you to sweat whilst the protective film is on


  • You may get some pools of fluid under the film. This is fine and is ok to leave the film on unless it is forcing the film off- in which case, move straight to step 2
  • If you experience any excessive swelling or adverse reactions, please contact us
  • When creaming your tattoo – make sure the skin has completely dried after washing and is not holding any moisture. Ensure your hands are always clean when washing, touching or creaming your tattoo
  • We recommend using a gentle antibacterial soap for washing and Raw Coconut oil or Cocoa butter as a healing cream. When applying anything new to your tattoo please be sure to test spot on clear undamaged skin for any reactions
  • We can only guide you and give the best advice we have collected together over the years. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly
  • To keep your tattoo looking its best, be sure to always use factor 50 sun cream.
  • Feel free to contact us with any further questions